Global Warming Trending for Ilfracombe, England

Note: Trends are based on data recorded at Ilfracombe, England since 2008.

Annual Temperature Trend
Month Average since 2008 Current Month Difference
January 0.0°C 0.0°C (2020) 0.00°C 
February 0.0°C 0.0°C (2020) 0.00°C 
March 0.0°C 0.0°C (2020) 0.00°C 
April 0.0°C 0.0°C (2020) 0.00°C 
May 0.0°C 0.0°C (2020) 0.00°C 
June 17.2°C 17.2°C (2020) 0.00°C 
July 16.0°C 16.0°C (2020) 0.00°C 
August 17.7°C 17.7°C (2020) 0.00°C 
September 14.9°C 14.9°C (2020) 0.00°C 
October 11.6°C 11.6°C (2020) 0.00°C 
November 0.0°C 0.0°C (2020) 0.00°C 
December 0.0°C 0.0°C (2020) 0.00°C 
Average 12 Month Temperature since 2008: 6.5°C
Current 12 Month Temperature: 5.1°C
Current 12 Month Temperature Trend: -1.40°C1.4°C Colder than All-Time Average Temperature.

This table is reflective of 12 month trending at the Ilfracombe, England Weather Station location. This is not official scientific data. The weather data presented here is based on data collected since 2008. Script courtesy of: Michael Holden from Script calculations courtesy of: Murry Conarroe from